Grilled Meats
Smoked Sticky BBQ Chicken Wings                     

Our Signature smoked BBQ chicken wings, cooked over Oak & Cherry wood. Finished with a sticky BBQ sauce (GF) (LF)


3-pieces wings     £3.50

6-pieces wings     £6.50               

12-pieces wings   £9.50


Smoked Peri Peri Chicken Drumsticks                         

Peri Peri chicken drumsticks smoked over Oak wood and then flame-grilled to give it its distinct flavour.


2-pieces                          £4.00

4-pieces drumsticks     £7.50          

8-pieces drumsticks     £14.50


Lagos Style Beef SUYA Steak                        £6.00

Succulent stripes of beef marinated in a traditional Nigerian spice (SUYA) and flame-grilled. (GF) (LF) Contains nuts


Smoked Cameroonian Spiced Ribs             £6.50

Pork ribs marinated with Cameroonian pepper and smoked over Oak & Cherry wood. Finished with a sticky BBQ sauce. (GF) (LF)


Pepper-Pepper Burger                                   £7.50


5oz beef burger served with lettuce, Hellman’s mayonnaise and a homemade mild-pepper relish in a brioche bun


Add cheese extra 50P


Meal Deals
Upgrade any meal deal and replace chips with Yam Plantain extra £2.50
Smoked Chicken Meal Deal                             £8.50

Choose from either 3-piece chicken wings or 2-piece drumsticks with chunky chips, coleslaw and a drink

Spicy African Meal Deal                                   £11.00

Choose from either the Lagos Style Beef SUYA Steak or Smoked Cameroonian Spiced Ribs, with chunky chips, coleslaw and a drink  

Burger Meal Deal                                               £12.50

Pepper-Pepper burger with chunky chips, coleslaw and a drink

Premium African Sides


Crispy Yam Fries & Plantain (Vg)                   £6.00

Puna yam and plantain fried and lightly salted. Served with Mrs Smokey’s homemade mild pepper sauce (GF) (LF)

Chunky Chips (Vg)                                             £3.50

Chunky Chips served with Heinz ketchup (GF) (LF)

Extra Crispy Chunky Chips (Vg)                     £3.50

Chunky Chips served with Heinz ketchup (GF) (LF)


Smokey Okey Special                                       £30.00

6-pieces of smoked sticky chicken wings, 4-pieces of smoked peri-peri chicken drumsticks, 1-portion of smoked Cameroonian spiced ribs, 1-portion of crispy yam fries and plantain, 2-portions of chunky chips plus coleslaw

Wings Sharing platter                                       £15.50

12-piece wing platter, served with 2-portions of chunky chips



Mrs Smokey Okey’s Pepper sauce (Vg)                             £1.50

Mrs Smokey Okey’s popular homemade pepper sauce


Peri Peri Mayo                                                                         £1.00

Our peri peri mayo, delicious with chips


Chipotle Sauce                                                                         £1.00

Spicy, creamy and refreshing


Cold Drinks                                                            £2.00

Coca-Cola, Diet Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, Apple Juice, Orange Juice and Mineral Water

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